Friday, June 12, 2009

Game 7

So this is it. One game for the Stanley Cup. It all comes down to this. Pretty much everyone is writing the Pens off, after all, look at history. You know it all already, we don't need to repeat it. All of it is just too much for the Pens to handle. It's impossible. Why even play the game? We think not. For those of us who have watched the Pens the entire season, we know what this team is capable of: anything. The Pens have played their best with their backs against the wall and against all odds. Tonight is just that. Like anyone wants to watch the Wings beat the Pens again. This time it's the Pens turn to turn the tables on them. Win the Cup on their ice. Let them see what that feels like.

It's time for them to embrace the underdog role and run with it. The Wings have all the pressure of being considered the better team, being on home ice, blah blah blah. The Pens just get to come in and possibly make history. And revenge on the Wings. The Steelers have always thrived with the underdog role and so can the Pens. It's time to have that chip on their shoulder Hines Ward style.

If the Pens play their game, they can definitely bring the Cup back to Pittsburgh. Start aggressive and don't let up. Take it to the Wings and Osgood. Get the first goal and things are going great. Maybe Sidney Crosby will get his record seventh first goal of the playoffs. We expect Sidney Crosby to be a man possessed tonight. He's played well, but he hasn't been the force he was the rest of the playoffs. That fire will be in his eyes, he'll pass it on to the rest of the team. He's going to do whatever he possibly can to get the Pens the Cup. He's not going to let the Pens go down without a damn good fight.

Hold on to your hats because this promises to be quite the game. Nothing held back. This is the last time the team will ask and the last time we'll ask you...

Ya hungry?

Go Pens!


Toad268 said...

Did you see the similarities between the Penguins this year and the 71 Montreal Canadians? You need to check it out. Ridiculous. According to that, we win!

After a hard swim of concentration, I decided not to just write a motivational post, but to write a tribute to the accolades already in place from this season. This will be, regardless of the outcome, one of the best seasons in franchise history in terms of drama. I couldn't have written it any better. From 10th place in February and sliding to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. From Stanley Cup Finals coach in 2008 to a different Stanley Cup Finals coach in 2009. From lineup changes to trade deadline geniosity (thanks for the word Shaina!). As fans, we can't ask for much more.

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Greg said...

well said