Sunday, May 3, 2009

Caps take game 1

The Pens were a bit rusty today, but overall we can't complain TOO much because even saying that, they could have won this game. The most frustrating thing to us was missing open nets. Varlamov's save on Crosby's open net chance was ridiculous but that wasn't the only chance the Pens had. Like we said, a bit rusty, and luck not really on their side.

The other frustration is obviously the power play. How long have we been talking about this? Forever? Maybe longer. We have no idea how to fix it other than please shoot the puck a bit more because getting pucks to the goal helps. Sometimes you feel like they forget that. That is one of the only times we feel the need to yell SHOOT! at the TV. Heck, we could shoot the puck and it could turn into something for heaven's sakes so please, get the puck to the net!

Overall it was pretty entertaining hockey. Both teams had their issues but the Caps were able to capitalize once more than the Pens could. Takeaways were an issue for both teams at some point in the game and the Pens need to remedy theirs and take advantage of the Caps'. The defense for the Pens wasn't exactly stellar either. Those goals were not all Fleury's fault. And someone please get more shots on Varlamov, he's a rookie, let's not make him look like a seasoned veteran or give him any confidence.

Dropping game one is not the end of the world, especially one the road, but coming back to win game two would be huge. Teams generally hope for a split on the road and the Pens can do just that before heading home for games three and four. Maybe they will fix the power play by then...

- How huge was Crosby's goal? And who says he can't score goals? Awesome.

- Ovie seemed fairly calm yesterday. Is he actually hurt?

- Geno wasn't standing out yesterday but he did make some good plays. We expect him to get back into the scoring sooner rather than later though.

- How crazy is it Mark Eaton has three goals in the playoffs? Awesome. Now certain wingers need to step up and do their part.

- Are we alone in hating that whole stupid horn thing in the Caps' arena? *crappy horn* *crappy horn* *crappy horn* Let's go Caps! OMG. We want to personally go there and destroy that thing.

- Are we alone in thinking the crowd kind of sucks? It seems like some cheers and boos are a little off and other than "let's go Caps" and "Fleurrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy" we have no idea what they were saying all day. Maybe we're just crappy listeners but we thought they sucked. Although not to be confused with being loud because yes, they were loud.

- Anyone tired of the Ovechkin, Crosby rivalry talk yet?

Time to step up and take game two. Go Pens!

Some nice pictures from the game from Off Wing Photo. May be a bit Capitals biased but nice photos nonetheless.

Yinz Luv 'Da Guins - Game 1, Round 2:

And just for the heck of it, this awesome commercial. We miss it.

That Versus info, including info on a Tweet-Up in Pittsburgh, and info on a giveaway later. We spent way too much time talking to the satellite people yesterday/this morning. Time for sleep.

Go Pens!

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