Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Game 3

The Pens are back home for Game 3 in what we consider a must-win. There is no excuse for not stepping up at home in front of a crazy, whiteout crowd against a growing rival. The Pens cannot go down three games to none and it's time to play desperate. Despite their sub par play, they could have won either of the first two games. It's time to wake up, go to the net, and get as many shots as possible on Varlamov. It worked for Crosby, it can work for others. We like the Pens chances if they can do this. Although the defense needs to play better and not allow Ovechkin to be wide open time after time because he will burn you time and time again.

Time to get desperate. Time to step-up. Let's go.

Penguins Notebook  Kris Letang is questionable for the game although the injury isn't as bad as initially thought

Capitals Notebook  The Caps aren't happy about Chris Kunitz's cross-check on Varlamov in game 2. Kunitz was not suspended but was fined by the league. We do understand why the Caps would be upset, it was pretty blatant, but this coming from a team with a player suspended for just that is a little hypocritical. Ovie also had plenty to say that you can read in the link above and we have to say the same thing. It's not like it's never been said that Ovie takes cheap shots. He threatened revenge. Maybe he'll be too busy head hunting to score. Bring it Ovie.

There is also talk of Ovie's stick having an illegal curve. That may be true and it wouldn't surprise us, but we're not really going to comment on this one. Unless the Pens are going to ask for it to be checked there's no point in even talking about it. If you don't know, a Captain or Alternate has to ask for the stick to be checked. Can you imagine the backlash on Crosby if he asked for Ovie's stick to be measured? If the stick is in fact illegal that player's team will be assessed a minor penalty and be fined $200 and obviously said player cannot use that stick. If the accusing team is wrong, they will get the minor penalty and be fined $100.

The crowd in Mellon Arena tonight better be loud and behind their team 100%. It's time to show Washington how hard it can be to play in Pittsburgh. We also hope Mom and Dad Malkin are there to give Geno a boost. If Geno plays well, the Pens have an awesome chance of making this series 2-1 with the next game still in Pittsburgh. Who knows what happens then.

Go Pens!

P.S. We've been watching hockey all night between Versus and NHL Network. We are now the proud owners of both channels. Ah, it's wonderful. Go Ducks.


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