Friday, May 8, 2009

Game 4


We're hoping the end of the game looks like the above picture and the Pens can tie this series at two. Their play up to game three was promising but promising play doesn't win games. Game three the play was more than promising, it was dominating. If the Pens can match their play from Wednesday night, their chances of tying this series up at home looks more than promising. Varlamov is the only real reason for the Pens lack of domination on the scoreboard, but if they can keep getting as many shots on him as they have been, he'll have to give up something. Maybe the Pens can even get into his head a little bit after being so calm in the first three games.

The Pens need to stick to their game and keep it simple but play aggressive and wear the Caps down. Playing in the offensive zone can draw penalties and keep the puck away from Ovie. It also forces Ovie to consider playing a little defense. We all know that probably won't happen though. Here's to hoping for another whiny press conference from Ovie after the game.

We're trying not to laugh at this but it's kind of hard. Someone (a 17-year-old from Chambersburg) at the Penguins message boards threatened to kill Alexander Ovechkin saying "I'm killing Ovechkin. I'll go to jail. I don't care anymore." Now by no means are we saying that a death threat is in any way, shape or form funny but we're pretty sure that's not the first time someone has said that. These days you just never know but we highly doubt anyone is annoyed by him that much. The Caps turned this comment over to authorities to look into. We're pretty sure Ovie will be just fine.

For The Pensblog's take on this story, please go here. Trust us, it's hilarious. Like always.

Is it a precedent that those in the Caps organization have to be rude? Caps owner Ted Leonis has a blog and was complaining about Pittsburgh and Mellon Arena. He also doesn't like the white out. He wants to know why not a blue out, a yellow out, or a black out. How many times have we discussed this? Black does not work for two reasons. One being that goalies can't see the puck and two it makes it look like no one is in the arena. A blue out is just a bad idea. A gold out might look awesome though. He also doesn't like towels. Hello, ever heard of the Terrible Towel? What looks cooler than a stadium full of people waving Terrible Towels? Exactly. So why not twirl towels in Mellon Arena? The whole scene looks awesome. Someone also mentioned before that Pittsburghers know how to twirl their towels. We think he's just jealous.

As for rude Caps, Ovie thinks you suck. We'll see who sucks after this series.

Go Pens!


Toad268 said...

He also said he thinks Washington does the towels best...what an idiot. Doesn't he realize we are professionals?

Faceoffs and First Downs said...
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Faceoffs and First Downs said...

Geez, Pittsburgh will always be the champs with towels. That guy needs help.