Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pens embarrass themselves against Toronto. Again.

Where do you even start on this one? This was just embarrassing. And then some. Losing six points this year to Toronto is terrible. And then to lose like the Pens have lost, even worse. How do the Pens play pretty well against a good Sharks team and then self-implode against the Leafs? Do they really think they're that good that they don't have to put forth any effort against a team that is supposed to be below them? There is way too much wrong here for a team that thinks it should be in the playoffs. After last night's loss to the Leafs, we don't think they even deserve to be in the playoffs. Pathetic.

It's obvious they have the talent to play with anyone in the league, and they've shown that, so what's the problem? They come out flat in games and put forth half-assed efforts and expect to win. Not happening. And even after coming out well, like last night, they fall apart at some point during the game, like the second and third periods last night. Is there no true leader in the locker room? Is the desire not there? Is it the coaches? Maybe you don't agree with us, and that's okay, but we can't see how it could be anything other than a mental issue. Lack of desire, intensity, willingness...we could go on and on. Whatever is causing this, we have no idea. It's obvious that some players want it, while others seem to care less. When a team doesn't work as a team, there's a big problem and you generally don't win that way. They aren't mathematically out of the playoffs, but dropping games like this will drop you out fast. They don't have much time to figure out what's wrong and fix it and we have a feeling it's all but over. Although we hope we're wrong.

After the game, Sergei Gonchar looked like he was spent and had no words to explain what had just happened. He was only one game back, but looked like he'd been in that room all season feeling the effects of another poor performance and a loss. Granted he's had to watch his team underperform all season, and that can't be easy, but after being a part of it, he looked fed up.

Someone else looked upset after the game as well and you shouldn't be surprised who. Cameras caught Evgeni Malkin sitting against the wall looking totally lost, like he couldn't believe what just happened. Closing his eyes and putting his head in his hands, he was obviously very upset. At least someone is pissed enough to care. Geno has been one of only a few consistent players on the ice on a nightly basis and it's obvious he's sick of it. Sidney Crosby also shows determination, but it was obvious that the flu was bringing him down. We have no idea how he even plays that well while sick because we'd rather be laying around and complaining if we were him. We give him credit.

Someone else that deserves credit after last night is Marc-Andre Fleury. How many big saves did he have to make last night to keep the Pens in this game? After the first period, it was all downhill and Fleury faced a flurry of shots in the second. If not for him, the Pens would have blown this game a lot sooner. It seems odd to say he had such a good night with six goals on the board, but he truly did. You could say maybe two goals were his fault, and the Pens should definitely be able to beat the Leafs if Fleury gives up two goals. It's a shame the majority of the team didn't want to win this game like Fleury obviously did. He's truly becoming one of the best goalies in the league. Now he just needs a team in front of him that can play. And if you didn't watch the game, look for Fleury's amazing save on Blake on YouTube or somewhere. We know you don't want to see "highlights" on this game, but that save is more than worth your time. Awesome. Quite possibly the best thing that happened all night.

The Pens next game is Monday against the Islanders, another team they should be able to beat. The game will be on at 2 p.m., an unusual time for President's Day.

Can they bring in Mike Tomlin? Maybe his coaching style would whip them into shape. Tomlin would also have a lot of subjects for "The News." Maybe his news would set their minds straight. At this point, they need something.

One more question, why couldn't the Pens score more on Toskala?!?! Terrible.

P.S. Does this surprise anyone? Jeff Reed was cited for throwing a fit over towels. No, not Terrible Towels, towels in a public restroom at a Sheetz gas station in the early morning hours. He broke the towel dispenser and used some foul language because there were none left. Obviously he needed some paper towels really bad and that fit was so worth it.

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