Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pens, Crosby sink Sharks


Cheesy title aside, the Pens are in it. A win last night against the Sharks, arguably one of the best teams in hockey, made the Pens look pretty damn good. The Pens had a fire we haven't seen much this season and that made for an entertaining hockey game. They looked pretty good and got a much needed two points against a very good hockey team. How many times this season have we seen the Pens not get points out of some very bad hockey teams? The Pens have showed they can play with the best of them if they put their minds to it. It's time to fight because things are close and there's room for little error from here on out.

We didn't take good notes on this game so we will spare you from any type of formal recap. Things we do remember though, the Pens were out-shot by the Sharks, but by one. How often this year have the Pens out-shot or were that close in shots to their opponent? Not too often.

Marc-Andre Fleury was great in the net once again, making some key saves. Thank goodness for that since the defense still hasn't been stellar. Obviously his best save was on Boyle at the end of the shootout, his flexibility makes a big save once again.

Sidney Crosby couldn't have picked a better time to score a huge goal. Even while sick. We thought he sounded a bit...sickly during his post-game interview with Danny Potash and then read he sat out the morning skate with a sore throat and the sniffles. Will someone seriously get that kid something for this?! How often is he stuffy and sickly? Too often. Especially for an athlete.

Geno's parents made it to the 'Burgh for an extended stay and were in attendance last night to watch they're star son play hockey. How much does Geno look like his mom? A lot. We wish we had a picture for those of you not fortunate enough to have FSN Pittsburgh to watch the games.

Overall the Pens have played pretty good hockey lately and that's exactly what they'll need to do if they want to make the playoffs. Right now things are looking pretty good for them to compete for a spot. And we definitely want to be watching hockey after the regular season. Plus, what else is there to watch? Baseball? Ha ha ha. (No offense to baseball fans. We're loyal to Pittsburgh and not huge baseball fans anyway and the Pirates have definitely worn thin on us.)

The Pens also got more good news yesterday when they heard that Sergei Gonchar has been cleared to play. He chose not to play against the Sharks but could return against the Maple Leafs Saturday night. This is great news for the Pens, especially their power play that can't seem to generate much of anything these days. He should add a huge boost to the team.

Yesterday was also Max Talbot's 25th birthday. Happy (belated) Birthday to Max! Hopefully the guys took him out for dinner or something.

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