Friday, February 20, 2009

Don't Stop Believin'

Don't stop believin'! You know you want to so we provided you with the tune-age. Give in, enjoy it, sing along!

All cheesiness aside, the Pens won a HUGE game. And there was no way you could forget this was a huge game if you were watching FSN Pittsburgh because Steiggy said it about a million times. When the Pens came out, we didn't see much difference between the Therrien Pens and the Bylsma Pens. Except for the fact that Bill Thomas and Kris Letang were scratches. Kris Letang?! We've felt like he's been one of the better players on the ice. Rumors are flying of course that a trade is in the works and that's why he wasn't playing. We surely hope not. Whitney we can deal with, Kris Letang...not so much.

Getting back to the game, it was fairly tight through two periods with the score tied at two and then the third period started. Everyone must have had a few Red Bulls or something because the game changed completely. 29 seconds into the third period, Geno put the Pens up 3-2 after taking a pass from Sidney Crosby and diving towards the goal to put it in. Take that Ovechkin. 

Not long after that Max Talbot scored his first goal in nine games to put the Pens up 4-2. Talbot grabbed a rebound in front of the net and put it past an unsuspecting Price. Nice job finding the loose puck.

The celebration wouldn't last too long as the Habs scored 14 seconds after the Talbot goal to cut the lead to 4-3. C'mon Pens, it's no time to squander the lead now. Unfortunately they weren't done yet. The Habs would tie it up 4-4 and now it's back to heart attack hockey.

Never fear though, Sergei Gonchar is back and to the rescue. Gonchar's shot looked great and you had to ask, what shoulder injury? Thank goodness for the Pens that Gonchar looks great and has certainly helped the power play. He also actually shoots the puck unlike some Pens these days. That goal put the Pens up 5-4 for good to take two much needed points.

The third period was highly entertaining. We could have done without the suspense in the form of the Habs coming back to tie the game at four, but either way, the Pens never trailed and answered the call. We liked what we saw of the third period Pens. Desperate hockey and actual effort you didn't have to question. If the Pens can keep up a pace like that for more than 20 minutes a game, they have a real shot at the playoffs. Especially if the several falling teams as of late help them out.

A few thoughts...

- Kris Letang...why?!

- The Pens really need to not give up leads and Fleury needs to be his awesome self the rest of the season. The defense also needs to help him out.

-Alex Ovechkin may have had this goal but Geno can do it too, as seen in the highlights above. No YouTube of Geno's just yet. And before everyone starts flipping out, we're not comparing those two goals entirely, we know Ovie is a good player and the steal was quite fabulous, but we think Geno can do it too. There is definitely competition for who is the best player in the world. Take that Ovie.

- The Pens need to come out strong against the Flyers Saturday in Philly. Especially with the atmosphere, Philly is never easy, but the Pens can get it done. Although playing again on Sunday against Ovie and the Caps won't prove to be easy either after a physical game the day before. Saturday's game is at 1:00 p.m. on FSN, Sunday's is 12:30 p.m. on NBC. Yes folks, that means there will be multiple orgasms over the fact that Ovie, Geno, and Sid are on the ice together. Can't wait.

We have no idea what this is but we found it on YouTube and found it so odd we had to post it. We don't know why that guy is wearing a mouse hat or exactly why he's so obsessed with "Sid the Kid" but he does have an accent so how could we resist? He also calls the Maple Leafs the Maple Laughs, so why not?

Couple of Steelers notes: Santonio Holmes has been fined $10K for his Super Bowl touchdown celebration for using the ball as a prop. Do you think he thinks it was worth $10K? We liked it and thought it was creative.

The Steelers have also placed the franchise tag on Max Starks for the second year in a row. The franchise tag the Steelers placed on Starks was non-exclusive, which means he can negotiate with other teams but the Steelers have the option to match the offer sheet or they would get two number one draft picks from that team in return. The exclusive franchise tag would have costed the Steelers more money. They say their goal is to negotiate a long term deal with Starks. Their other big priority is to sign James Harrison to a new deal.

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