Saturday, February 21, 2009

LeBron James disgusted at the NFL

We told you yesterday that Santonio Holmes was fined by the NFL for his LeBron James impersonation celebration after his game-winning touchdown catch. Well, LeBron isn't amused. He was told that Holmes was fined and said, "that's disgusting." He went on to say that he feels that celebrations like that make the game more fun for fans. We have to agree on that. We don't see what's wrong with a celebration. We can't even think of a single celebration we really thought was out of hand or should be disallowed. Chad Johnson's Santa routine with handing out gifts was a little long, but we loved that one so we can't complain. Watching what guys like him would come up with was always entertaining and we do miss it. It was good for the fans and just another reason to call the NFL the no fun league.

In case you missed it (yeah right) or want to enjoy them both again:

If you read the rest of that article on Holmes getting fined, it says that Roger Goodell doesn't think celebrations that occur significantly after the play and away from the field should be penalized and the competition committee should look at whether to allow celebrations that are not immediate. Now we are all for celebrations because we find them entertaining and why shouldn't players be allowed to celebrate a big play? But does anyone else find that a little weird? Like now they're going to put a time on it? Are they going to have a clock that counts down the seconds until you can start celebrating? Odd. Maybe they're realizing that celebrations should be allowed after all.

Jeff Reed pleaded guilty to charges of disorderly conduct and criminal mischief after his paper towel incident at a Sheetz convenience store. He will be fined $543.50 which includes $210 in restitution to the store.

How could he not get public drunkenness? Who goes to a Sheetz and flips out about there being no paper towels unless you're under the influence? Unless you have severe anger issues or something, which in that case you need help. We know Reed likes to party and you can't really expect us to believe he wasn't drunk when beating a paper towel dispenser at a gas station. Looks like he got lucky on this one.

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