Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ovie and the Capitals


Today the Pens will play Alexander Ovechkin and the Capitals in Washington, their second game in as many days. We sure hope they have some energy left after yesterday's game for the Caps because they'll need it. NBC is advertising this game as they always do, Ovie vs. Sid. Is Geno invisible? We realize he's underrated and doesn't get a lot of attention even though he leads the league in scoring and now has a permanent "A" on his chest, the sign of a leader. We consider him to be the best player in the league right now, which is totally worth ignoring obviously. We realize he doesn't do a lot of media because of his English, which we think is bull now because his English is pretty darn good, but how can you ignore him in a game against Ovie and the Capitals? Ovie and Geno have only had a feud for a little while now but that obviously takes a back seat to Ovie and Sid even though it's really not all that exciting. Yeah, they're both good players but it's nothing like head-hunting with Ovie!

It should be interesting to see tomorrow how Ovechkin and Geno are. Competitive? Of course! Ovie attacking Geno every five seconds while on the ice? Maybe not anymore since they seemed to have ended their feud. Either way, the game should be pretty exciting with what we consider to be the top three players in the world on the same ice. Hopefully the Pens have some gas left in the tank and can match their aggressive style from yesterday. And allow less goals, please.

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