Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stars win again.

So the Dallas Stars won again this afternoon to bring their series with the Detroit Red Wings to 3-2 in favor of the Red Wings.  We didn't see the whole game but it just didn't seem like the Red Wings were really showing up.  Turco was also playing really well in the goal.  We think it's great to let that series go as long as possible, providing the Pens can finish off the Flyers.  Hopefully tomorrow on home ice they can do just that and get some rest before the STANLEY CUP FINALS!!! It's really exciting to think about, especially after having a Super Bowl win in Pittsburgh a couple years ago.  Now if the Pirates would get their act together, it'd be hard to reckon with Pittsburgh sports!

Gary Roberts feels better and practices, could play in game 5, while Geno and Sykora are sick.

The Flyers finally gave it their best shot in game 4.

Retailers take a gamble on winners.

Penguins will try to send the Flyers home today.

Jordan Staal has been solid this year.

Pens need to control the crease.

Pittsburgh fandom knows no borders.

Be sure to watch game 5 today at 3 pm on NBC. Let's go Pens!!!

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