Friday, May 16, 2008

Pens drop game 4.

So the Penguins didn't look so hot tonight against the Flyers, we don't think it's too much to worry about.  Being back at home for game 5 on Sunday should be all that's needed to finish off these dirty Flyers.  We sincerely hope we don't see any more of those dirty cheap shots on Crosby or anyone else.  Disgusting.  But that's probably hoping for too much.  

Our thoughts...

- We miss Gary Roberts and all the Gary jokes. WWGRD.
- We're sick of the dirty Flyers.
- Jordan Staal played crazy tonight.
- We're still waiting for Tyler Kennedy to score.
- Flyers fans suck.
- Sidney Crosby never fails to amaze us. (even when he's "off his game")
- Probably some other things but we're too tired to think.

First off tonight, er this morning, this video from after game 3. It's a must watch.  I noticed over at The Sidney Crosby Show (link to the right) they were trying to decide if Geno said "how's it going baby?" or something along those lines to the fans. What do you think?  Hit us up in the comments.

The Pens sloppy first period killed them.

Penguins notebook from Post-Gazette.  (Get well Gary!)

The Pens look to bounce back on Sunday.

Tickets for Game 5 go on sale today at 2 pm.

The Pens need to end this series.

This is a tad late but they're actually tracking and rating Sidney Crosby in the playoffs over at ESPN. The Crosby File.

The Flyers may get their defenders back.

There's more to Fleury changing the color of his pads.

The Pens Eastern Conference Champs hats are already for sale.

Philly needs some magic from a fat dancing guy.

Fleury blooms just in time.

That's all for now, we can't think anymore.

        (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Is it just us or is that "orange" a horrible color?

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