Monday, May 26, 2008

Pens drop game 2.

Here we are again, on the losing side and scoring no goals.  They really need to step up. Tonight was better but it's not good enough.  Watching Coach Therrien talk right now was kind of depressing in a lot of ways.  He didn't answer anything he didn't have to and used as few words as possible.  He's not happy with the officiating, saying his team never goes after goalies, saying Osgood was diving and he was a good actor.  On that last shot involving Sykora, we'd have to agree.  Not saying officiating is why the Pens are losing at all, but it's just another thing going in the wrong direction.  The Pens really need to step it up and play with a little desperation and hopefully that will set in and going home will spark something.  No one ever said the road to the Cup was going to be easy, but now it's a little more than difficult.  Here's to game 3 and a re-energized Pens.  They need to score a goal sometime here.  Go Pens.

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