Monday, September 1, 2008

Steelers add nine to practice squad

The Steelers signed eight players to their practice squad on Sunday, all coming from their training camp roster. They are as follows:

Patrick Bailey, linebacker
Roy Lewis, cornerback/safety
Grant Mason, safety
Jeremy Parquet, offensive tackle
Scott Paxson, nose tackle
Micah Rucker, wide receiver
Dezmond Sherrod, tight end
Justin Vincent, running back
Marvin Allen, wide receiver *

*Joins the practice squad as a ninth player for a second season as part of the NFL's international player development program.

Those additions to the practice squad aren't too surprising to us, glad to see Lewis back for sure. We still hope Mundy gets a shot someday.

Ed Bouchette writes an article today about the Steelers keeping seven defensive linemen, but is concerned about their ages.

NFL Notebook over at the PG. Ricky Williams is back! Let's hope he stays healthy this time. And away from the pot. Or we really don't care.

Guy Junker over at the Trib says the Steelers are still the strongest in their division.

John Harris, also of the Trib, says the Steelers' Fox is finding confidence.

Penguins stuff, yes that's right people, Penguins stuff. Dave Molinari's Q&A is up and running. You can read it here.

USA Today has the Pittsburg Penguins team report. Yes folks, that's correct, the Pittsburg Penguins. We're not sure if they're related to the Pittsburgh Penguins or not, but enjoy it anyway!

Here's a YouTube for you. Remember those random YouTubes of the day? No? We know, it's been too long and we apologize. We really miss hockey, so here's a nice slapshot goal by Sidney Crosby in the NHL 09 demo. Will someone please tell us why we don't have an Xbox 360 or PS3?

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