Friday, September 19, 2008

Breaking news: Evgeni Malkin addresses fans in English!

You read that correct people, Geno spoke all English at a season ticket town hall event yesterday. We tried to find video of this great event, but unfortunately, could not find one. We figure the Pens official site should have a video up soon, at least we hope. It was streamed live on the Pens site, but as of now there is no video to watch on demand. Some of you may be wondering, isn't there bigger news today? Yeah, there is, but we like to have fun more than anything and we love accents. So here's to hoping we here Geno soon. ;-)

In other Pens news, Michel Therrien was knocked down during practice yesterday by 6'5" forward Kevin Veilleux when he fell. Therrien apparently has bruised ribs. Please also go to the Pens page over at the PG for articles on Mark Eaton and Janne Pesonen and more.

In big Steelers news, the Rooney brothers have told Stanley Druckenmiller that they are turning down his offer, and he has withdrawn his bid. It doesn't mean that they are selling their shares to Dan Rooney and his son Art II unfortunately. You can read all the specifics here.

Ben Roethlisberger ended up with a reception yesterday after statistics for Sunday night's game were changed by the Elias Sports Bureau that handles the stats for the NFL. The stat was originally a sack by Browns nose tackle Shaun Smith, but they changed the stat to a pass attempt and completion to himself by Big Ben. They said Big Ben was attempting a pass, hit one of his linemen in the back and then caught the deflection before he was tackled by Smith for a 7-yard loss. It lowered his league high passer rating but he is still in the lead over Kurt Warner. Also included in the Steelers Notebook, Kendall Simmons is expecting his third child soon. His wife is due September 29, but has delivered early with both of his other children. He is hoping she can make it through the weekend, because at that point she would be induced next week and give birth sometime before the next game, Monday night against the Ravens. James Farrior was also fined $7,500 for flipping the bird to the Dawg Pound in Sunday night's game after becoming upset that they were laughing at Ryan Clark's injury.

The Steelers section over at the PG has some other articles for your reading pleasure, including the question of if the Steelers D can fill in Keisel's end spot.

At the last minute, we think we found the video of the Town Hall meeting last night with the Pens. It's 61 minutes and we don't have time to watch it all and it's taking a good amount of time to load so we'll post it here for you to watch. We recommend letting it load and skipping parts you might not have time to watch. Enjoy.

And here is the URL if you prefer that.

We did find where Geno makes his English debut. If you're as excited as us, go to about 34:30. It's quite hilarious, really. Enjoy. :)

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