Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pens updates

(Peter Diana/Post-Gazette)

The opening of hockey season is just days away and we couldn't be more excited. We always know something big is coming up when the Post-Gazette has their features. We really like the picture above, it's nice. Marc-Andre looks fun-loving and happy, very friendly and approachable. Sid looks like a happy leader. Geno, on the other hand, looks like he's posing for one of those romance novels. He's saying 'I am sexy, you know you want me.' Very 'come hither, I want you now.' And a little like, 'I know something you don't.' Great picture Geno, very captivating. And much better than this one. C'mon ladies, which guy would you rather have? (That picture seriously scares us.)

But on a more serious note, Post-Gazette has a bunch of hockey stuff today, starting with this. PG also asks, now that Sid has turned 21, can he still be 'Sid the Kid'? Sid answered that question himself, sort of, tonight on the Spotlight show, Back For More on FSN. Dan Potash sat down with Crosby for his third, In My Own Words, that will air on October 3rd at 7:30 and will air throughout the first half of the season according to FSN. Be sure to check that out if you can, or hope someone puts it on YouTube for those of you who can't. We would, but we're not that technologically advanced.

Up next at the PG is Five stories to watch this season. History is also the Pens number one opponent this year. The Red Wings also have repeating issues.

Tyler Kennedy signed a two-year extension with the Pens last week.

The Penguins have landed in Sweden.

The Pens have a travel blog from Sweden on their website here.

The Pens had dreams when they were little, and they all weren't about hockey.
Don't forget to check out Empty Netters at the PG all season long. Seth does a great job and he's always on top of things.

Marian Hossa is also back to running his mouth. He offered some expert advice on a comparison between Sidney Crosby and Pavel Datsyuk. We'll let you read that advice for yourself, but the bottom line is he's basically saying that he thinks Datsyuk is better than Crosby. Seriously, when is he going to shut up?

Be sure to head over to the Steelers section of the PG to check out their game-day coverage. The Steelers play Monday night at 8:30 on ESPN. But we're sure you already knew that.

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