Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Steelers 1-0

The Steelers got off to a good start against the Texans on Sunday, playing a great game on both sides of the ball. Ben Roethlisberger looked great, as did Willie Parker (what broken leg?). The defense also looked strong, especially James Harrison and new starter LaMarr Woodley. We're excited to see Woodley grow, and if he keeps progressing he should be scary good. He's also a rather large man, we wouldn't want to be the opposing quarterback.

Sunday night the Steelers will take on the Browns in Cleveland for what should be another win. Are we the only ones who enjoy the players introductions where they say the school they came from? 

Ron Cook over at the PG thinks that Ben is the new star quarterback of the NFL now that Brady has gone down for the season (more on that later). Not exactly the best article ever, but Ben is definitely coming into his own in being one of the premier quarterbacks and players in this league. 

Ed Bouchette writes about the defense today and how James Harrison wasn't overly happy with the Steelers' performance against the Texans.

James Farrior also says not to count the Patriots out just yet after losing Tom Brady.

On that Tom Brady thing, what's there to say? We personally can't stand the man and lost a lot of respect for him last year. We respect he's a top quarterback, if not the one at the top of the list, but as a person, we don't have to like him. Do we know him personally? Obviously not. We just don't like his arrogance. We know a lot of people could care less and that's fine, but we don't enjoy praising players or following players who act like arrogant jerks most of the time. Plus there's that whole Patriots spygate thing that we don't have a whole lot of respect for either. But of course, of all times for Tom to go down, it had to be now. We unfortunately were the recipients of a Tom Brady pick in our fantasy draft. Something got messed up and the draft ended up not being live and it was auto-pick. We were last out of 10 and ended up with Tom Brady. Lucky us. And then he has to get hurt. Thank you for that. Basically all we have to say is Grrrrrrrr. Now we don't want anyone to get hurt but Tom Brady being gone for a whole season does mean we don't have to hear announcers have multiple orgasms over Tom and the Pats week after week. We also heard that at least one bar in the Pittsburgh area erupted with cheers when it was shown that Tom Brady was hurt. Now we don't condone that kind of behavior but, who could really blame them?

The Trib has a lot of Steelers coverage too so head on over and check it out. 

Pens' coach Michel Therrien decided to take in some football this weekend. A lot of it. He went to a high school game, Penn State's win over Oregon State, and the Steelers' win over the Texans on Sunday. He got to meet with Mike Tomlin and had also written him a note of best wishes earlier in the week.

Michel Therrien lookin' good!

We should be around, sorry for the delay, we're still under the weather and don't know when things will get better.

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