Monday, October 12, 2009

Steelers beat Lions

The Steelers beat the Detroit Lions yesterday 28-20. We're glad they won but are we going to have to worry whether the defense will give up the lead the offense has managed to get all year? We have no idea whatsover what's up with the defense and why it is letting big leads dwindle in the second half. We're not talking about a potent offense when we talk about the Lions (or the Bears or the Bungles) but yet the defense is letting them walk all over them at the end of games. The end of this game ended well - in a win of course, but also in the three sacks in a row and Ike Taylor's nice pass deflection in the end zone. But two other games did not end well and there should be no excuse for it. This is the defense that is supposed to carry the team when the offense, especially the running game, couldn't get going. Now the offense is carrying the team while the defense can't seem to handle much. Hopefully Dick Lebeau has a few tricks up his sleeve to save this defense.

- Big Ben looked pretty good. That's about all we have to say on that.

- Heath Miller was outstanding yesterday and we hope that they continue to use him as much as they have been so far. He has great hands and the ability to break a few tackles. He's also a great blocker. By far the most underrated tight end in the league in our opinion. Also liked the good HEEEEEEEEEEATH chant in Detroit. Nice.

- Limas Sweed continues to drop passes while Mike Wallace mostly shines. Wallace messed up by dropping a ball he should have caught and then was penalized with a delay of game after needlessly kicking the ball out of frustration. But the difference between Sweed and Wallace is that Wallace got to redeem himself by scoring a touchdown, Sweed wasn't so lucky.

- Hines Ward gets his first touchdown of the year, which seems surprising considering how well his season has started, but nonetheless gets that out of the way. He still continues to do what he does best. Still also the toughest receiver in the league.

- Where's Santonio Holmes?

- Rashard Mendenhall still looks good. Not quite the show he put on last week but great nonetheless. It's nice to see a bulkier back working hard for yards, unlike what we've been seeing from Willie Parker. Mendenhall should have had two touchdowns yesterday but one was called back on a penalty. Not bad at all.

- James Harrison is still a beast.

- We miss Troy Polamalu.

- How bad were those announcers?!

Cleveland is up next. If the defense gives up anything to them we're all in big trouble after their measly 6-3 win over the also horrible Bills.

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