Saturday, October 10, 2009

"I don't mind a little action in there"

Scott Hartnell will not be suspended or fined for biting Kris Letang. He had a phone hearing with the NHL yesterday. We would love to know what was said in this so-called hearing. With no video evidence to back it up, Hartnell was obviously not going to say that he bit him. Personally, we think that bite marks would be enough evidence of what obviously happened in that scrum but does this stuff ever really get solved logically? Nah.

Letang is fine and will have no problems playing today in Toronto. The only thing he had to say about the lack of discipline on Hartnell was "what happened, happened...I don't have to worry about it." Nice to see he chose to take the high road in all of this.

You're probably wondering what is with our choice of title for this post. It's a quote from Marc-Andre Fleury. Please get your mind out of the gutter now. Especially the ladies who fall for that amazing French-Canadian accent. Fleury was referring to the action in his crease in Thursday's game when Flyers Captain Mike Richards barreled into him in the final seconds of the game. He also decided to take the high road and say it's hard to know whether players run into the goalie on purpose and even felt bad for kicking him in the face, but said "I don't mind a little action in there." We're sure it was said with a smile.

Ever since we saw this commercial on Versus, we'd been looking for it on YouTube. Finally found it and here it is for you. Enjoy Sid in a more comical moment.

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