Monday, October 19, 2009

Steelers beat Browns

The Steelers may have beaten the Browns 27-14 today but it's not what most fans are used to. Okay so the Browns are still pretty horrible but the Steelers didn't exactly put this game away early like you would have thought. And then when you let Josh Cribbs take a kickoff back for a touchdown know. The defense is hard to get. At one moment they look stellar and the next not so great. And how was the run game not so great today against the Browns? We don't know what to say anymore. This is about the worst collection of thoughts ever. On one hand the Steelers won this game and the Browns still suck pretty bad, but at the same time it just didn't seem like the ass kickin' we're used to. Maybe those five turnovers (three by the Steelers) in just under four minutes had something to do with it. The Steelers just aren't clicking quite like they should be but we don't think there's any need to panic with Big Ben as the QB and guys like Hines and Heath catching those passes. But someone please help the defense be consistent.

- Hines Ward is having a phenomenal year so far. And at 33 years old, some may consider that "old" but Ward looks as good as he ever has and still hasn't lost that toughness. Eight more catches for 159 yards and touchdown today make us look good in getting him on our fantasy team.

- Heath Miller is in our opinion the best all-around tight end in the league. Probably the most underrated too. He has great hands and is pretty much guaranteed to break at least the first tackle and get a few yards after the catch. And how many times is the running back following a tackle by Heath?

- Santonio Holmes had a quiet day. Sort of. He caught five passes for 104 yards which is not to shabby by any means but he did so quietly. Although his big catch and run in the second half was pretty impressive.

- Nice to see Troy Polamalu back. And getting interceptions.

- Where was Brady Quinn?

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