Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wild night as Wild beat Pens

The Pens upped their game on Halloween night but didn't come away with the win, losing to the Wild 2-1. The Pens badly out-shot the Wild 35-15 and on most nights that would transfer over to a win, but Halloween night produced a few out of the ordinary circumstances, including Sidney Crosby getting into the third fight of his career. Not bad. We like the haircut, it looks good. Yes, we're shallow like that.

- Not too much to say. The Pens played a pretty well rounded game unlike in Columbus the night before, but unfortunately the results were the opposite. You win some you lose some. The bounces go your way and they don't. Although how many times were you really frustrated over those loose pucks in the crease? It seemed like they had a ton of chances to get one past Backstrom and either he made a great save or the Pens just didn't get the bounce. But 11-3 to end the month of October is not half bad.

The Pens will get a couple days rest before playing Tuesday in Anaheim. Don't forget that this game, as well as Thursday and Saturday of next week, are late games and will not be on until 10:00 or 10:30.

Go Pens!

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