Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Unfortunately we just couldn't resist this. IMG Worldwide, a big sports and entertainment marketing agency, seems to think that Alexander Ovechkin should be on the same level as sports stars such as Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter etc. when it comes to worldwide marketing. So basically someone out there wants to see Ovi in China. What?!

It's no secret that we dislike Ovi in pretty much every way. We give him credit in the form of his lethal shot but after that it all goes downhill for us. We're just not fans of the "I'm hot and I know it variety." One of the things we've always liked about hockey was just what was stated in the beginning of that article, it's all about the team. There are no Terrell Owens' in hockey. Even we won't go as far to say that Ovi is TO in terms of whining and all that but he doesn't exactly fit that down-to-earth mold either. Not exactly who we want to see marketing much of anything.

Sure, some people will love him and his lack of fear (or lack of thinking) when he willingly does those odd and crazy things he does. Example:

(Please, no one give him give him any vodka.)

He's not afraid to make fun of himself for a good laugh, much like many of us like Max Talbot and his A&L Motor Sales commercials. He's goofy, people like that. And people like to laugh, so maybe they will fall in love with him. Dirty hair, missing tooth and all. Polish him up a bit (no, not just physically) and maybe he's perfect. Or maybe people will just be confused. Guess we'll all have to wait and find out exactly what Ovi is going to be marketing and how the world perceives him, but we still can't get past this:

And If Ovi shows up in a Happy Meal in China we don't know what we'll do.

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