Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We're back!

Here we are, back after a long vacation that unfortunately did not include sandy beaches and temperatures in the 80s. Far from it actually. But now the NFL preseason is almost over and the Steelers will meet the Titans to open the season next week. Pens training camp is just around the corner. Excited yet?

If not, this video should get you going:

In the news:

The Steelers signed defensive end Brett Keisel to a five-year contract this afternoon. He was in his last year under his current contract. He will more than likely be the last player the Steelers will sign until after this season.

Players who are also in their last year: Casey Hampton, Willie Parker, Jeff Reed, Willie Colon, Ryan Clark, and Justin Hartwig.

Players who were in their last year but signed extensions: James Harrison, Chris Kemoeatu, Max Starks, Trai Essex, Heath Miller, Hines Ward, and Keyaron Fox.

The Steelers put offensive lineman Darnell Stapleton on injured reserve which ends his season. They also released four players in center Alex Stepanovich, wide receivers Martin Nance and Steven Black, and safety Derrick Richardson.

Hockey season is right around the corner, do you believe it? We're excited.

Who else would do such little but awesome things for people and still be hated? Read nice Sidney Crosby story number one and number two (last question).

If you're not reading Empty Netters, you really need to be. Seth also has posted his new amendments to the Jersey Foul Bill of Rights.

Lastly, Yinz Luv 'Da Stillers is back with a two-part preseason special. Enjoy.

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