Monday, September 28, 2009

Steelers lose. Again.

(Peter Diana/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

That picture is pretty much the last thing you want to see when you're a Steelers fan. Losing two weeks in a row after good starts is bad enough and then you add in that it was to the Bungles and things are all downhill after that. Let's face it, you can blame this loss on quite a few people. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know. It's a team loss. But right now, we don't care about being all for the team and have decided to blame this loss on Limas Sweed. Yes, Limas Sweed. How can you drop that touchdown?! It was a sure thing! Looks like someone just lost the 3rd receiver position for sure now.

Okay, okay so we'll try to get back to being rational. No, it's not all Sweed's fault. The defense had a lot to do with that loss (obviously) as well as a coaching decision or two. There were a lot of mistakes but of course there was the good as well, believe it or not (Mike Wallace, that's you).

Taking everything into account, we have to say we're the most concerned about the defense. This is the defense that was the best in the league last year and now it's losing games for the team to the Bungles? C'mon! This is like a terrible nightmare. You thought that if you could count on anything, it was the defense. Not so much the last two weeks. So what's wrong with them? Why the collapse late in games?

We're going to sleep on that one. More later.

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Adesta said...

For once, I am thankful that I live in NY and didn't see this game. (Why they thought the Miami/San Diego game was more important to NYer's I don't know. Not like it was a regional game) But....There is no way I could have watched that game without something being thrown and/or broken. I was so pissed off when I saw online that the Steelers had blown that game. To the Bungles no less!!! How unforgivable. That's as bad as losing to the Lions for crying out loud!!!

I know, there's still 13 games left, but c'mon!!! We can't afford to lose paltry games like that......

Any chance that Polamalu is healed already and set to return?? (A girl can wish can't she???)