Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We're back

We apologize for the unplanned hiatus we've been on for a while, but we're back now. Obviously a few things happened while we were gone, like the draft, signing Adams and Guerin, and Geno on the beach in Miami. We're not going to go back other than to say we like the two signings and think they were a good step in the right direction. Today at noon starts free agency and the frenzy that follows. Should be interesting to see what happens and we'll be here. Again, we apologize for the sudden hiatus. See you later today.

P.S. We never talk about the Pirates because like we've said, we're not big baseball fans and well...look at what a joke the Pirates organization is. Well they sunk lower yesterday in trading more players, including our favorite and only reason for watching Pirates baseball, Nyjer Morgan. We loved his personality (he was mic'd up last week during a game and what a man!) and his positive attitude towards playing on a joke of a team. Not going back too far in history here, getting rid of McLouth was a stab in the back to fans and now Morgan and Co. was a slap to the face. The Pirates will now no longer ever be on TV in this household. What a joke.

Thank God for the Pens and Steelers.

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