Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Vacation

Because of health and life in general, we're on a little vacation. It's been a while since we posted and we'll be in and out for the summer, but we'll be back for sure when the action starts. Right now all we have to say is Ray Shero continues to surprise us with how he's able to sign players for a great price and Savran on SportsBeat will truly be missed by us and a lot of people. We could write for at least a good couple of hours on how absolutely ridiculous that decision is and how disappointed we are that we no longer have that tie to Pittsburgh sports. It is truly a show that cannot be replaced. We are sorry for all of you out there as well who had satellite for the purpose of watching SportsBeat so you could get the Pittsburgh sports news you desperately needed. Obviously the decision was not made by someone who understands Pittsburgh sports and it's fans. Stan, loved the show.

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